About Us

We are a team of international podcasters and bloggers who are passionate about football. We met each other on a footballing forum called Footytube and have interacted with each other for years before deciding to get together to make this project. The core reason we got ourselves together to do this project is because we find that the level of journalism in sports has been deteriorating in the past couple of years ,with analytical posts being overshadowed in favor of sensationalist pish. We aren’t blaming the journalists though– after all, writing a thorough piece takes more time and effort than a couple of lines of hyperbole. Keeping in mind, with the click-based system most sports websites go by, it is easy to see why modern sports journalism hasn’t been able to provide analytical depth.

The website is broken down to 2 parts: analytical posts and podcasts. Both the posts and the podcast will be done on the five major European leagues: the English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and the Bundesliga. The podcasts, which will be uploaded to Youtube as well, will serve as a recap of what has happened in the respective leagues in the past weeks. These podcasts will be somewhat general, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be throwing around statistics and heatmaps. So fear not, what we say will have some research behind it although our opinions might differ from those of the listeners’. The analytical posts will be quite in-depth– thoroughly researched posts which the members write on their free time. These posts will range in topic (it can be finance, tactics, scouting reports) and scope (some will examine a league, while others one specific team).

In the future, if our project is deemed fruitful, we will be looking to increase the amount of analytical posts by having a format where members may submit their own writing. If we deem such writing well-researched enough, we will post it on our site. We are also open to the idea of having guests on the podcast.

Enjoy 4th Place Trophy! We’re happy to have you.

The logo design and header are thanks to Godspeedysick. If you like the design and would like to order one for your venture than you can get in touch with him here: althompsonphoto@gmail.com